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Desert Hat

War and games; game studies observations.

My personal blog. Focus is on antiwar games and representations of war in games, but also observations and musings on games in general.

The Art History of Videogames

Critical Game Studies: the course Blog for Art History of Videogames

A course I teach at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Dedicated entirely to the connections between games and art and an in-depth survey of art games and artistic games. To my knowledge, this is the first time a course of this nature has been taught anywhere in the world.

Intro to Game Design

Course Blog for Intro to Game Design

I also teach Intro to Game Design. We focus on rapid prototyping and the use of board games to learn game design. All my students really enjoy this class!

VGM Daily

VGM Daily (Oct. 2009 - Nov. 2010)

Posting about one song per day for over 365 days. I am considering resurrecting it as VGM Weekly...

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