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Links to Game Theory Sites


link to buzzcut


David Thomas's blog about critical game studies and how videogames relate to architecture.

link to escapist

The Escapist

Intellectual webzine about videogames.

link to gamasutra


The game industry's official webzine, containing insightful features by developers and critics and interviews with game developers.

link to kontraspective


The best collection of game art on the web. Completely in German.

link to ludology


Gonzalo Frasca's website on game studies.

link to select parks

Select Parks

Julian Oliver's blog on games and digital media art. Hasn't been updated in awhile, but contains a wealth of detail.

link to war and games

War and Games

Ed Halter's website accompanying his book, From Sun Tzu to Xbox.

link to water cooler games

Water Cooler Games

Ian Bogost's site and blog for persuasive games.


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