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This game was originally designed for widescreen monitors. Resolution at least 1280x1084 are optimal. Dual core processors are also recommended.

Download the game and its documentation - Download (419 KB)

Minimum Requirements:

Commandopede requires the free Stagecast Creator player. - Stagecast.com

Commandopede may be a 2D game, but it is very processor-intensive! As a result, it is recommended you play this game using a 2.66 GHz Pentium 4 equivalent or greater. Less-powerful hardware will result in noticeable performance issues.

Dual-core machines may also run the program a bit too fast and cause crashes due to audio bugs. You may press the keys 'a' and 'd' to toggle audio playback speed or press 's' to disable audio altogether.


Commandopede is an (anti)wargame. Commandopede is based on the Powell Doctrine and the use of Overwhelming Force to defeat an opponent. The Overwhelming Force, represented by the Commandopede, ironically and tragically sacrifices many of its individuals for the sake of accomplishing its singular goal of total control.

While Commandopede may be applied directly to modern warfare (20th and 21st Century mechanized warfare), it is meant to be applicable universally to earlier conflicts as well. Though a great deal of Commandopede's symbolism is American and the game comments on current American military strategy, Commandopede is meant to stand for many instances of warfare and not be constrained to a particular time period. The generic green army helmet should thus not be considered distinctly American as the armies of many countries around the world have used similar helmet designs.

Commandopede is primarily based on the classic Atari game Centipede. The game also draws from the multi-mode format of Atari 2600 game cartridges, providing six games, or game-modes, in one (though with less variation than most Atari games). I have also attempted to maximize the use of the playing field regarding the format and resolution of modern computer displays. Commandopede requires the free Stagecast player to run (not included). For best performance, a fast processor is recommended.

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