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Classes I Teach

Game History

The history of videogames from their origins in computer labs and electro-mechanical arcades through modern times. The course explores the way games have been made historically and how these methods have changed over time with advances in technology and evolving business practices. Builds on my current research in videogames from a design perspective. Textbook used is Replay by Tristan Donovan.

Intro Game Design

An introductory level course on game design where students build over ten games in a fifteen-week period using rapid prototyping techniques. Each week presents a different game design challenge for the students based on formal and conceptual constraints. These challenges are accompanied by a series of lectures and readings expanding on ideas of game design.

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Critical Game Studies

Overview of the field of critical game studies. Students read a survey of texts important to the game studies field and provide handouts and presentations based on paper contents. In addition, students produce critical theory papers on videogames. The readings include both texts and games. Each week has its own theme and is accompanied by a lecture on game studies.

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Art History of Videogames

An in-depth overview of expression in videogames from the 1970s up through the Game Art movement characterized by games such as Passage and Today I Die. The course includes topic-based lectures, in-depth readings on games and game art, and the application of art history methods to the reading and understanding of videogames. This course was first taught in Fall of 2010.

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