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War Cards (Meditations)

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Download the rules and documentation (PDF)

Editable PSD file so you can make your own set

"Pick cards for wars fought,
Choose by whether we should have:
How do you judge choice?"


War Cards was built on a design challenge to create a game where the rules could only be expressed in haiku, in only 17 syllables. Could an antiwar game be made in such a format?

The basic concept for War Cards was to present the player with the question of what antiwar really means. Is it opposition to all wars? Or do you pick and choose the wars you are opposed to? Wouldn't this mean that some wars are 'just' or 'justifiable'? To be truly antiwar do you have to be a pacifist?

War Cards asks us to think about the wards that America has fought in, to consider why they were fought and if they could have been avoided. However, as there are some wars the player will not likely know anything about, he or she is forced to make decisions based on incomplete information - a dangerous logic.


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