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The name ITOLJSZ comes from the shapes of the Tetris blocks. While the blocks do not really stand for letters, Tetris players have come to name them after these letters because they closely resemble them in shape.

gameboy tetrisgameboy tetris 2

The portrait of Alexey Pajitnov connects the image and the name of the creator with his creation. The picture is from a famous photograph. The Gameboy screen displays in the middle of Mr. Pajitnov's forehead because the idea of Tetris came from his mind! The speakers are located at Mr. Pajitnov's mouth because his words commanded the game into existence! The picture frame contains a working Gameboy Pocket that has been plugged into the wall to provide constant power.

tetris mural

The Tetris blocks displayed on the glass window illustrate a Tetris game in action. Unfortunately, the Tetris player is not doing very well!

There is a picture of the Tetris NES game cartridge in the upper right corner of the room. This corner is of spiritual importance and was associated with Russian Orthodoxy, so adds another element of spiritualism to the game.

tetris cocktailtetris cocktail two

The working Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) version of Tetris plays on a 'cocktail' TV set like what you might find in old videogame arcades. The controller is placed on a purple cloth to create a sort of 'shrine' for the game, as purple is a royal color. Audiences are encouraged to play this wonderful game!

The TV set is actually from an artwork that had been installed in this location previously and was incorporated as a display for the system. As the TV set releases a static charge, the purple cloth also should help protect people from the discharge.

The NES system that is playing the game is actually a YoBo unlicensed system. This was used instead of a real NES due to the value of authentic hardware and the greater stability of the YoBo hardware in relation to the older 'front-loading' model of the NES, which can freeze the game.

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