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About Me

Devin Monnens is a game historian and practising game artist teaching game design and game studies. He has a background in English literature and medieval studies from the University of Colorado at Denver, and an MFA in Electronic Media Arts Design from the University of Denver where he produced antiwar games as an exploration in socially conscious games and critical game studies. One of these games, Giant Tank, is now part of the Values at Play archive, an international collection of socially conscious games. He is also a volunteer for the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Game Preservation Special Interest Group (SIG) where he promotes game preservation. On the side, he directs development of and does Japanese translation work for the Metroid Database, the largest and longest-running fan site for the Metroid series.

If you would like to contact Devin, send an e-mail to “dmonnens(at)gmail(dot)com”.

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International Game Developers Association

International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

IGDA Game Preservation Special Interest Group


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