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Counting Bees #2

It is recommended you play this video with your volume set high.

This piece was made using about 600 video layers in Final Cut (2005). However, because Final Cut can only have a maximum of 99 layers at a time, I had to render the video sequence and export it, then import the rendered sequence and layer that one several times.

Though this piece is #2, it is the only one in the series. This video was made to have a narrative structure, but with no narrative content, so it has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Some people have said this video contains a debate or argument, possibly in an interrogation room. The most direct connection to 'bees' is the buzzing noise, an artifact from having so many layers, and the multiplicity of individuals.

Counting Bees #2 was displayed at the International Digital Media Art Association's iDEAs 07: Beyond Boundaries digital media art exhibit.

still of counting bees onestill of counting bees two


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