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Space Odyssey: The Long Journey of Spacewar! from MIT to Computer Labs Around the World - View Article

Although Spacewar! is credited with inspiring the arcade videogame industry, little is recorded about the game outside its origins. It has been assumed that Spacewar! spread rapidly between computer labs and across computer platforms, but no systematic survey of its actual distribution and use has ever been attempted. Based on records and accounts from computer labs from 1962 to 1972, the authors propose a model wherein Spacewar! spread slowly, tied directly to the development of the interactive computer display industry around which communities of players developed, spreading more rapidly from 1967 on with the introduction of large numbers of CRTs. Coauthored with Martin Goldberg of AtariHQ.


Men and Videogames - Download or View PDF

Call for study of masculinity and videogames. Presented at the Albuquerque conference and at local Colorado Game Developer Association meeting.


Teaching Game Design and Game Studies (PowerPoint) - Download

Presentation on teaching game design given at the IGDA Colorado Chapter meeting, Nov. 3, 2008. Includes PowerPoint and notes.


Videogame Preservation - Download or View PDF

Paper on videogame preservation. Presented at Albuquerque conference and part of IGDA Game Preservation SIG resources.


War and Play - Download or view PDF

Insensitivity and Humanity in the Realm of Pushbutton Warfare
My MFA thesis on antiwar games.

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