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What is Desert Hat?

The Desert Hat is a hat designed for extreme conditions, either in the flaming deserts of the Sahara or the frozen tundra of Siberia. While some find it unfashionable, the Desert Hat is incredibly practical, operating extremely well in a wide variety of conditions. The Desert Hat is not about fashionability but about crossing boundaries and expanding territories of exploration. Indeed, the Desert Hat may be found in many colonialist empires, from the old French Foreign Legion to the Mongolian steppe. Despite its militaristic connotations (certainly one infamous variation was used by the Japanese Empire of the 30s and 40s), Desert Hat seeks to explore the limits of understanding and creation peacefully and cooperatively, bridging disciplines and integrating their indigenous systems into friendly collaborative alliances whose recombinations and remediations are greater than the sum of their parts, rather than through a policy of domination and pacification that is impotent to long-term sustainability.

The world is full of wonders hidden to the ordinary eye and Desert Hat seeks to illuminate and share them for the benefit and edification of others.

“Sustainability, exploration, innovation, collaboration”

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