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My Work In the Field of
Game Design

Published Games

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Translations for Mindware Co., Ltd.

I translated the game text, websites, and promotional materials for several games by Mindware, Co., Ltd. from 2010 through 2017, including Super Chain Crusher Horizon, Cosmic Cavern 3671, Space Mouse, and Pinball Parlor.


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Legends of Norrath: Oathbound

I playtested and wrote most of the game narrative and half of the card lore for Sony Online Entertainment: Denver's online card game based in the EverQuest series.


Digital Games

link to commandopede

Commandopede (Uses Stagecast)

Antiwar game inspired by Centipede.


link to fight with clubs

Fight With Clubs (Uses Scratch)

Antiwar game based on Francisco Goya's painting, Fight With Clubs.


link to giant tank

Giant Tank (Uses Scratch)

Antiwar game. It will take many bullets to win


link to flander field

Warcraft III War Memorial -Flanders Field-

Warcraft III map mod. A war memorial for soldiers killed in the fictional WarCraft wars.
Requires Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.


Paper-Based Games

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Nine Squares (Board Game)

A Board Game for Two Players by Devin Monnens


go to colonialist tic tac to

Colonialist Tic-Tac-Toe (Board Game)

A reworking of one of the simplest territorial control games. Explores how a simple game can produce socially conscious play.


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Escape Senet (Board Game)

Based on the Ancient Egyptian game, Senet. Explores how the rules of one of the simplest games can produce socially conscious play.

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Poppies (Board Game)

Antiwar game inspired by Flanders Fields. Slow pacing of play for reflection on the
cost of war.


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War Cards (Card Game)

A game about war with rules written in haiku. It questions why we fight wars and what it means to be antiwar.


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