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Games Translated for Mindware, Ltd.

From 2010 through 2017, I translated the game text, websites, and promotional materials for several games by Mindware, Co., Ltd. from 2010 through 2017, including Super Chain Crusher Horizon, Cosmic Cavern 3671, Space Mouse, and Pinball Parlor.

Chain Crusher & Super Chain Crusher Horizon


I translated the in-game text, website, and press materials for Super Chain Crusher Horizon and its predecessor, Chain Crusher (on XBLA). SCCH is a classic arcade shooter where players can charge up a power blast that can cause an explosion that fills the entire screen. There is also a 'chain explosion' mechanic where if an enemy spaceship collides with an explosion, it will blow up as well, creating a chain reaction for higher points. SCCH makes use of dual monitors to produce a 3200x800px display, at the time the largest resolution for any videogame.

Cosmic Cavern 3671


Cosmic Cavern 3671 is a 'digging' game that predates classics such as Dig Dug and Lode Runner. It was released as part of the "Video Game Classics" series by Mindware, which recreates and reimagines influential early Japanese PC games that have been largely forgotten, despite originating famous genres or mechanics of today. In Cosmic Cavern, you dig your way through an alien planet to destroy the enemy base at the bottom. The underground is your sandbox, as there are many ways to reach the base and strategies to rack up points. I translated the game text, website, and promotional materials.

Space Mouse


Space Mouse is considered the first vertically scrolling videogame, originally released in 1981 for Japanese computers. Your goal is to get the cat astronaut Mami to the top of the tower before your oxygen runs out or you are caught by the rabid Space Mice! Mindware remastered the game to celebrate its 35th anniversary and share with a new generation of players. I translated the game text, website, and promotional materials.


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